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7 Cupcake Recipes that Are Unique and Different

Just because you are into cupcakes, it doesn’t mean that you have to stick to the regular chocolate and vanilla cupcake recipes. You’d be surprised to know that cupcakes aren’t only sweet but they can be savory too. You can make cupcakes from bacon and even lavender! So, what are the best options of these unique cupcakes, anyway?

Mississippi Mud Cupcake

Mississippi mud


Have a knack for sweet tooth? Your mouth will be watery with this chocolate mud cake. It may look all chocolaty and stuff but it isn’t overly sweet. In fact, it comes with the right amount of sweetness that will pamper your palette.

The reason lies in the unsweetened cocoa that delivers the perfect chocolate exterior but without the overly sweetness of the chocolate. Another cool thing about the cupcake is the crunchy texture, thanks to the pecans. The combination of pecans and chocolate is always perfect. If you are interested in the recipe, check it out here.

Lemon Gem Cupcake

Lemon cupcakes


If you don’t like sweet cupcakes, this lemon item can be one of the best cupcake recipes ever existed. It is sweet but it is also fresh with a bit of citrusy effect. It has lemon juice and zest that will enhance the flavor (and also smell) of the cupcake.

This is a perfect example of simple homemade cupcake that you can enjoy without extravagant decoration or topping. You will love the fresh taste of the lemon. Want to try the recipe? Come here and be ready to bake.

Cherry Coke Cupcake

Cherry Coke


This is one unique recipe among other one-of-a-kind cupcake recipes. The combination of cola and cherry is surprisingly nice and fresh. It is refreshing, but it delivers a different kind of freshness than the one presented by the Lemon Gem.

This is the type of cupcake that would be perfect during hot summer times. Or if you just had a rough day, you can easily step out to the porch and grab a bite of the cupcake while enjoying the cool afternoon breeze. And to make it even more perfect, sip a glass of Coke. Sounds super ideal, right? If you are interested in the recipe, you should come here.

Coconut Cream Cheesy Cupcake

Coconut Cream Cupcake


The coconut flavor is fresh – it reminds you of the tropical atmosphere and the warm weather. And then you combine it with the cream cheese that will give you the boost of rich flavor that is just perfect.

The cupcake is light and fluffy. And with the combination of the fresh coconut and the rich cheese taste, you will have a super fun time. You can also shred the coconut meat and use them as the topping. You’d be surprised of how crunchy the cupcake will be! The recipe is here if you want to try baking one.

Lavender Cupcake

Lavender Cupcake


Have you ever had a lavender cupcake before? If you haven’t, it’s time for you to try it. The lavender cupcake isn’t only appealing to the eyes but it is surprisingly also tasty. You can use dried lavender as the main ingredient and the small sprig for the decoration.

When you combine it with lilac food coloring, the result is simply marvelous – and also mouth watering. This is one of the most unique and yet also the best cupcake recipes that you should try. The recipe can be found here.

Popcorn Cupcake

popcorn cupcake


This one is super great if you are looking to entertain friends. If you have a special occasion coming up, you can also make this cute and adorable cupcake. Aside from the cute look, this cupcake is also easy to make.

You only need to prepare a lot of marshmallow if you are planning on making a large batch. The food coloring is great to deliver a visual buttery effect. Curious about the recipe? Come here and have an experiment of your own.

Butter Rum Cupcake

Butter cupcake


This is the adult version of the cupcake so it is NOT appropriate for kids. The texture of the cupcake alone is crunchy because it has coconut flakes and pecans. Naturally, this cupcake is also tasty and flavorful. Looking for the recipe? Here you are – try baking one.

There are still thousands of tasty and unique cupcake recipes out there – you just have to find one that suits your taste (as well as your family’s) and preference.


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