12 Cool and Unique Graduation Cake Ideas for Your Special One

12 Cool and Unique Graduation Cake Ideas for Your Special One

There’s no doubt that graduation deserves a unique personalized cake to celebrate the graduate’s special day. If you are looking for the best graduation cake ideas, you’ve come to the right place to find some!

When it comes to graduation cake, it’s a great idea to personalize the cake with shapes like books or graduation scroll. You can also include the name of the graduate, graduation date, and even the university name to the cake.

To help you design this special cake, here are some cool ideas to create a stunning graduation cake that you can take into account.

1. Simple High School Graduation Cake

Simple graduation


This high school graduation cake has a blue graduate’s cap and scroll at the top. It also incorporates a circle of pearl-like candies and some floral decorations at the bottom.

To make it more special, the name of the graduate is written on the side of the cake. Thanks to its simple design, it makes a perfect graduation cake for college student too!

2. Graduation Cake with Lovely Pink Ribbon

Pink ribbon


This graduation cake features a lovely pink ribbon on the bottom, boasting a beautiful contrast to the white cake. It also designs with graduate’s cap and graduation scroll at the top.

Adding elegance to this graduation cake is the unique patterns that cover the side of this sweet treat. Then, use the available space on top of the cake to congrats the graduate!

3. Unique Graduation Book Cake

Book cake


If you’re looking for unique graduation cake ideas, it will make a perfect example. Use this unique graduation book cake to celebrate the graduate’s new chapter.

You can top it with a graduation cap and scroll for garnishment. On the side of the book cake, you can include the name of the graduate and his degree.

4. Honor Roll Scroll Graduation Cake

Scroll graduation


Without too many bright colors, this gorgeous graduation cake features a big cap and diploma at the top. Making it even more gorgeous are the curls and the attached side strips which come in simple colors for a school and college flavor.

5. Sweet Kindergarten Graduation Cake

Sweet Kindergarten


If you’re looking for a fun graduation cake for kindergarten graduates, this idea is perfect. This 3-tiered graduation cake features a small cap on the top and some crayons.

Plus, there are also some characters drawn on the side of the cake, making it more fun for kindergarten graduates.

6. Brain Graduation Cake

Brain cake


This is another one of unique graduation cake ideas that you can take into account. There’s no doubt that this brain graduation cake will keep the graduate in awe because of its very unique design.

This unique graduation cake also features a big graduation cap at the top. On the other hand, the salutations are written on the cake holder.

7. Cute Graduate Cupcakes

Cute cupcakes


These cute graduate cupcakes are perfect to celebrate a special one’s new chapter in life. Without too many colors included, this idea is ideal for everyone. Top it with a cute 3D boy graduate character for garnishment.

8. Graduation Tilted Cake

Tilted cake


Different with most graduation cake, this one boasts exceptional tilted outlook. The graduate will surely love this gorgeous cake with dramatic floral fondant decoration and graduation cap at the top.

Plus, it also features other unique decorations such as gum paste fork and edible character logos. Don’t forget to incorporate the name of the graduate on one side of the cake too.

9. Topsy-Turvy Graduation Cake

Topsy-Turvy Cake


This is another great idea for a graduation cake. Coming with a very unique design, there’s no doubt that the graduate will adore this graduation cake.

With limited color choices, this graduation cake looks special with its big cap that is overflowing with confetti. The cake also features the graduate’s batch at the side and salutation at the cake holder.

10. Nurse Graduation Cake

Nurse cake


This nurse graduation cake doesn’t come with a graduate’s cap like the other ideas above. Instead, it is decorated with things that the graduate usually finds at work. There are stethoscope, bandages, and a shot.

Besides, the cake is also shaped like a nurse’s outfit. There’s also salutation written on the cake, making it perfect for a personalized sweet treat.

11. Lovely Graduation Mini Cupcakes

Lovely graduation


If you don’t want to go for the usual cake, these graduation mini cupcakes will be perfect for you. If you don’t have much time to prepare, you can simply get the store-bought cupcakes and decorate them with a print of graduate’s cap.

12. Extraordinary Graduation Cake

Extraordinary  cake


If you’re creative enough to make an extraordinary graduation cake for your special ones, you should try this idea. This cake looks like a stack of books with some different colors. It also features an amazing 3D graduate character at the top.

That’s all a few graduation cake ideas that make a perfect sweet treat to celebrate a graduate’s new chapter of life. Hopefully, you can find your favorite one from the list above. Happy graduation!


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