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8 Delicious and Classic Homemade Cake Recipes

Getting yourself a collection of homemade cake recipe can be a clever way to enjoy yourself in the kitchen. Spending times in the kitchen and baking cakes for the loved ones can be a therapeutic. You forget the undone chores or the world outside – it’s just you and the ingredients.

Making your own homemade cake is somewhat fun because you know that you are doing it for the people you love. After all, there are several classic homemade cakes that you can do to remind you of your childhood days as well as making a new memory for the kids. So, what are these classic cakes that you can make?

Frosted Chocolate Cake

Frosted Chocolate


Imagine this: A soft and fluffy chocolate cake covered in white chocolate so it will have a solid white shell once it sets. But when you cut into the cake, it feels smooth and light, and you can feel the knife breaks through the outer white shell gently.

This is one of the oldest and most liked homemade cake that you can give to your family. Another plus point is that your kids would love it! If you are interested in the recipe, you can try it here

Lemon Drop Cake

lemon cake ideas


Another classic homemade cake recipe that is able to combine the sweet taste of the batter and the fresh sensation of the lemon. If you like citrusy cake, this one is just perfect for you. To make it even better, there is an addition of cream cheese icing that is tangy and yet fresh.

If you like the balanced flavor of tangy, sour, sweet, and fresh, you should make this cake. The recipe can be found here

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Ideas


You should have a specialty cake that will be present on every important occasions, and nothing is more perfect or ideal than the Red Velvet Cake. In some families, Red Velvet cake is identical with Christmas with everyone celebrating the holiday with the tasty and fluffy cake.

Although there are so many different variations to the cake, nothing can beat the classic cake. In this recipe, the icing is light (just like the snow) and the cake isn’t too chocolaty – which makes it perfect for those who don’t really like overly sweet treats. Find the recipe here

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake


You might not like carrots when you were a kid but do you remember how much you got excited when grandma baked you the carrot cake? This is one classic cake that should be available in every house. It is tasty and it can deliver a warm homey feeling – reminds you of home.

Your childhood is complete if you ever have such a cake in your life. The carrot cake isn’t only special but it is also healthy because you do include carrots in your ingredient lists.

This is a perfect example of how veggies can actually be super tasty when turned into a moist and soft cake. Try the homemade cake recipe here and see how you like it.

Marble Cake

Marble Cake


Who has never tried a marble cake before? For many of us, this is our comfort food since the childhood, right? You will feel better and your mood definitely improves after you have a bite – or eat a slice.

Although marble cakes can come in many variations, the classic pound cake is the best. If you want to try making one, you can find the recipe here

Toffee Crunchy Cake

Crunchy Cake


The cake has a nice combination of the coffee and chocolate flavors and it is not too sweet. It has the soft and fluffy texture and yet it also has the crunchy texture from the toffee bars. If you want to make one but you aren’t so sure whether you like it or not, you can make a small batch only. The recipe is here in case you are interested.

German Chocolate Cake

German Chocolate


This cake isn’t your ordinary chocolate cake. Whereas the regular chocolate cake is usually smooth, soft, and sweet, this one has all the tasty and unique combination. It has chocolate but only as the drizzle. It has coconut and pecans so the mixture is perfect and somewhat harmonious.

Thanks to them, the cake has different level of taste as well as texture. The coconut is responsible for the fresh and light sweetness. The pecans are responsible for the crunchiness.

The chocolate is like the additional part – you don’t need to include tons of it to make it delicious. Care to try? You should go here to take a peek at the homemade cake recipe.

Orange Chiffon Cake

Orange Chiffon


This is a retro type of cake that you should have tried at least once in your life. If you are looking for a timeless cake, this homemade cake is one of the best. The tangy sensation combines well with the delicate and light crumb. The recipe is here. The cake alone is tasty enough with the ice cream.

Of course there are still more recipes out there. You just need to figure out which one of the homemade cake recipe will be your family’s favorite.


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