7 Red Velvet Cake Recipe with Its Variations

There are some interesting and fun variations to the original and authentic red velvet cake recipe – for the sake of fun only. The cake is just so good and tasty that it would be a shame just to create a simple cake design to enjoy a bite. The cake is unique in its own way, especially for the red coloring appeal.

And the fact that the cake itself is just moist and soft and super delicious is like another cherry on the top of an ice cream – it is just perfect!

Here’s the fact that most people don’t know. Red velvet cake actually contains cocoa, just like the one that chocolate cake usually has. However, you don’t use vinegar and buttermilk in making chocolate cake. You use vinegar and buttermilk in making red velvet cake.

Although both of them share the same chocolate taste, the taste of the red velvet is somewhat richer and finer. Not to mention that the combination of the buttermilk and the acid (from the vinegar) is the thing that makes the cake fluffy, light, soft, and moist.

And it is a good thing that there are several variants to the original recipe so you can have real fun with the texture and look of the cake without compromising the taste.

Classic Cake

Classic Cake

Nothing can beat the taste and shape of the original red velvet cake. The moist and soft cake is just appealing to the palate. This is the type of cake that is perfect for all occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, etc!

And yes, you can make your own cake without having to be a professional baker. Just find the red velvet cake recipe (there are tons of them on the net) and you should be good to go. You can make the batter, put it into the oven, and wait for the nice smell of the cake to greet you.

Red Velvet Cookie

red velvet cookie

How about serving the cake in the form of a cookie? Yes, you can do it! And the cool thing about making it is that you don’t need to change anything in the grandeur or extravagant way.

The basic ingredients remain the same and you may have to do a little change to the cake – you will make it a cookie and then fill it with the filling. Unlike the original cake, this one is a bit crunchy, but not too much because you need to still retain the softness of the texture.

Cookies and Cream Bar

cookie and cream

How does it sound to mix the original recipe with Oreo? Everything always tastes better with the Oreo, right? And if you are into brownies with its chewy half-solid texture, you will like this one. This is the type of cake that is coming with the brownie-like texture and thickness, plus it is added with Oreo.

In the end, the bar has a very nice mix of chocolate crunch and the fresh sour taste (from the vinegar). If you like something chocolaty but with balanced fresh sour feel, then this red velvet cake recipe would be the perfect one for you.

Crinkle Cookies

Crinkle Cookies

It is almost similar to the cookie version, but not so much similarity. You see, crinkle cookies look like cracked cookies. In red velvet (regular) cookie, you have the red exterior with white filling. In crinkle cookies, the exterior is white with red inside.

And crinkle cookies are crunchier than the regular cookie. You should make each cookie and see the difference. But both of them are guaranteed to be delicious and scrumptious. It’s a promise.

Red Velvet Waffle

Red Velvet Waffle

Have you tried turning your red velvet cake recipe into a waffle? The recipe is different because you don’t need cream or frosting or such thing alike, but it is fun to have a red waffle serving on the table.

Feel free to serve it with vanilla ice cream or just cream. You can try making this waffle for your breakfast. Your morning will be very fun and exciting!

Red Velvet Trifle

Red Velvet Trifle

This is the type of desserts that you would serve to your guests. By adding layers of the cake and the cream, you can create a visually appealing dessert that melts in your mouth. Even if you don’t have any guest to entertain, you can always make this one and store them in the fridge.

Enjoy them in your free me-time and you will instantly feel an instant happiness. Finding one thing to keep you happy is simple, really.

Red Velvet Ice Cream

Red Velvet Ice Cream

The recipe is simple and you can make one at home. It only takes time and patience not to eat the ice cream before it finally sets. But once you are able to make, you will never want to buy ice cream anymore. This is perfect for hot summer days – and bad mood days.

There are still many variants that you can try, even for the red velvet milkshakes. You just need to find the right red velvet cake recipe, make it, and enjoy your day!


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